With the bitcoin mania dominating the news and the internet lately, more and more businesses are starting to take notice of the digital currency and embracing it by starting to accept it as a means of payment for their products and services. For bitcoin, as a currency, this means multiple spending avenues being made available to masses leading bitcoin to the route it was originally designed for – to become a mainstream currency and not just remain an asset class.


In our previous blogs, we ran through how to buy and sell bitcoins. Now, let’s have a look at the different options available to spend your bitcoins.


Big Vendors Accepting Bitcoin

1. Microsoft


One of the most widely covered entries in the world of bitcoin was that of Microsoft. In 2014, the computing industry leader added bitcoins a means of payments for its services. You can now bitcoin to their account and avail it, to purchase apps, games and videos from its Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms.


2. Dell


Dell was one of the other computing giants to announce the acceptance of bitcoin. Getting into a partnership with Coinbase to accept payments, Dell has made it possible its users buy all their products using bitcoin.


3.  Overstock


The online retail giant deserves a special mention for being one of the first big e-commerce vendors to hop on the Bitcoin Bandwagon. While initially, this was a US-only offering, the firm has now started allowing bitcoin purchases in up to 100 countries.


4. Rakuten


A Japan-based retail giant – Rakuten not only adopted bitcoin but also promoted the change seriously by offering an astounding 30% off on all bitcoin purchases. However, the deal ended soon after some bitcoin users making merry.


Bitcoin Aggregators and Marketplaces


1. Spendabit


Spendabit describes itself as the ‘Bitcoin Product Search Engine’. With over 3-million+ products listed on the website, spendabit is the go-to place for you if you are interested in buying products using bitcoin. Spendabit boasts of listings from established bitcoin vendors like Overstock, Newegg, and Fancy — as well as a number of smaller merchants.


2.  SpendBitcoins
Another bitcoin store aggregator, Spendbitcoins allows you to not only search the internet but also the world for physical merchants that accept bitcoin. There is a listing of over 1 lakh merchants on the website.


3. Purse.io


Other than the big vendors and bitcoin aggregators, another interesting bitcoin innovation is Purse.io – a peer to peer marketplace that connects individuals wanting to buy items at a discount on Amazon with others wanting to buy bitcoin.
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